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Payment Hub Payment System

The project's main achievment is a full replacement of the functionality and withdrawal from service of the outdated payment security system, which allowed the client to optimize operational expenses.

Oracle 11g
Java EE
Oracle WebLogic 12 c

Accounting Engine Solution for Complex Accounting

The result of our project is the SmartAE solution that allows to automate accounting for financial organizations with multiple heterogeneous application systems and complex intermittently changing requirements for accounting from the Regulator.

Redesigning the Payment Hub Interface

The project provided the client with modern, flexible and sustainable interface platform, which allows developing existing solutions with the least labour intensity possible while fully conforming with current business requirements.


The project's main achievement is full alignment of the Bank's technological processes to the Regulator's requirements.

The "Mir" Card

The task is to provide specific processing via the Payment Hub system for the incoming payment documents, received from the budgeting system and addressed to individuals, with accordance to the Bank of Russia decree №4449-Y.

Payment Investigation Module

The main goal of the project is to automate and simplify the payment investigation process, and also to lower labour intensity and maintain relevant Central Bank enactments in this field.

Exchange Control

A wide-scale project of reengeneering / automatization of the processes in the units of the Systemically Important Bank, responsible for the Bank's exchange control function and regulatory reporting to CBR (Central Bank of Russia), FSC (Federal Customs Service), FTA (Federeal Tax Service).

Mass Payment

The Mass Payment project required applying well-known mechanisms that proved their effectiveness in the industrial use, as well as the new ones that had to be designed.

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