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Mass Payment

The client sends all external payment orders in Rubles via the Bank of Russia payment system in the UFEBS ED101 format. When using the ED101 format the client pays comission for each payment. To lower the cost of interbank transactions the it is required to use the Mass Payment functionality and send the aforementioned payments to any other bank using one of the following formats: ED101 as part as ED108 (payment order for a general amount with the registry) or SWIFT RUR6 MT103 (payment guideline for Nostro account, opened in the aquiring bank). When using the ED108 format, a bank pays comission for each payment order for a general amount with registry, which can contain up to 10000 regular payment orders. When using the SWIFT RUR6 MT103 format, for each payment bank pays comission specified by the agreement between the banks which is significantly lower, than the comission for ED101 format payments.

Implemented Solution

According to the client's requirements the interaction with counterparty banks applying the ED108 and SWIFT RUR6 MT103 formats is performed automatically: registries are sent automatically according to the set schedule, without any human involvment. Payment order with the Banking Electronic Speed Payment System property for supporting Nostro account is also sent automatically. The order is required for automatic settlements of SWIFT RUR6 MT103 payments in the aquiring bank. For solving the nonstandard situations a manual management system is provided (send registry, disband registry, exclude a payment from the regisrty, etc.), which is only available for the application support specialists.

Implementation Features

The Mass Payment project required applying well-known mechanisms that proved their effectiveness in the industrial use, as well as the new ones that had to be designed. To create a book of reference defining the format of interaction (ED108, RUR6 MT103) a previously worked-out mechanism of agile settings was applied, which allowed to adjust selection criteria for payment documents to the registry in the most flexible way possible. Schedules automatic sending of registries uses the same mechanism which is sucessfully implemented for automatic sending of the scheduled debit payments. A new approach suggests a special "colouring" of registry payments which, combined with the corresponding settings of the issue verification system, allowed to solve the problem of reconciliation of registries without additional adjustments of client's systems.


Based on experts reviews, as the result of full scale implementation of the Mass Payment project the client will be saving about 50 millon Rubles of comission per year.