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Payment Hub Payment System

The project is designed to create a unified centralized system for automated processing of ruble and currency payment documents, including conversions. This system was named "Payment Hub". The main goal of Payment Hub implementation was a full replacement of the functionality and withdrawal of the outdated payment security system from service. The new payment processing system is based on contemporary IT technologies providing effective modernization and operation support.

Технологии реализации:

Oracle 11g
Java EE
Oracle WebLogic 12 c

Implemented Solution

Payment Hub provides automation of the following bank technological processes:


  • Processing of incoming, outgoing and internal payment documents
  • Monitoring of payment documents details
  • Verification and authorization of payment documents
  • Manual input and editing of payment documents
  • Calculation of the commission for payment documents processing
  • Maintenance of the bank files of overdue payments
  • Working with unidentified receits accounts
  • Exchange control, including preparation of mandatory reports for Central Bank of Russia
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Routing of payments between Nostro accounts
  • Limit control of transactions made via CBR and SWIFT payment systems
  • Generation of various reports related to payments






Payment Hub provides flexible adjustment of the automatic payment documents processing: sequencing of processing steps, grouping documents for processing, comission calculation adjustment, etc.

Payment Hub includes a system for managing user access to data and availabe features based on the professional duties of users, also considering multidivisional bank structure.


For processing payment document via Payment Hub the integration with the following banking systems must be completed:


  • SWIFT Alliance
  • Card system Prime
  • Accounting software
  • Exchange control system
  • Terrorist list identification system
  • Data storage
  • Interface for Public information system for regional and local payments


Implementation Features

Integration of Payment Hub with the client's active systems is performed using the IBM MQ integration environment by exchanging XML formatted messages and, in some cases, by using the integration layer with database tables.

Payment Hub is created using the following technologies: Oracle 11g, Java EE, Oracle WebLogic 12 c.


The project's main achievment is a full replacement of the functionality and withdrawal from service of the outdated payment security system, which allowed the client to optimize operational expenses and also put an up-to-date highly efficient informational payment processing system in service.