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The "Mir" Card

The task is to provide specific processing via the Payment Hub system for the incoming payment documents, received from the budgeting system and addressed to individuals, with accordance to the Bank of Russia decree №4449-Y.

Implemented Solution

Functional capabilities of the modified Payment Hub system now provide automatization of the technological process of incoming payments processing for individuals, where the 110 Payment type field includes "1" property, the following way:

Automatization of the processing of incoming payments from budgeting system to individuals is implemented within the standard rules of modification of the payment documents processing algorythms in Payment Hub system.

If the incoming payment has credit account set as a client's current account, the funds are transferred automatically to this account.

In all other cases the funds are automatically transferred to the unidentified receits account.

Implementation Features

If the incoming payment to credit account is assigned to the account that is binded to the national payment system MIR, funds are automatically transferred on that account (it does not matter what is the status of the MIR card in the moment of transfer).


Our main acheivement is full aligment of the technological process of the incoming payments processing in the Payment Hub system to the Regulator's requirements.