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Payment Investigation Module

Payment investigation is initialized if the incoming payment receiver was not identified automatically, his details contain discrepant information, or a request for payment transaction was received from bank's client or another bank.

The investigation is usually conducted by the back's special department. For each incident an investigation case is opened. It contains investigation history, including documents (requests and responses) connected to the investigation.

If the special automated means of investigation are absend, investigation cases are handled manually and images of related documents are added to the case as prints.

During the investigation process a bank employee responsible for the investigation is usually compelled to address required information via bank's multiple automated systems, which makes the process laborious and time-consuming.

Implemented Solution

The module provides the following functional capabilities of the centralized solution:


  • Downloading, sending and automatic processing of incoming messages in the UFEBS CBR formats (ED243, ED244, ED201, ED208) with the automatic registration investigation cases and also arrangement outgoing messages in the ED243 and ED244 formats.
  • Downloading, sending and automatic processing of incoming messages and arrangement of outgoing SWIFT messages in the MTn92, MTn95, MTn96, MTn99 formats.
  • Integration with the client's automated systems which provide communication with bank's clients by means of sending and receiving documents related to investigation process.
  • Automated conduct of investigation (opening, search, review, editing, closing) with the possibility of reviewing payment documents and informational messages related to the investigation.
  • Archiving of cases and reviewing archived cases with the an ability to search cases with specified criteria.
  • Providing the investigators with access to information about the bank's clients and their accounts.
  • Compilation of the analytical and statistical reports on investigation status during the whole period the cases are conducted.
  • Calculation of comission for performing the investigation.


The main goal of the project implementation is to provide the client with the application that allows processing requests and responses transmitted through different channels and related to investigation, and maximum automation of processes of opening and conducting investigation cases in digital format.

Implementation Features

Payment Investigation system is developed using the Doc Hub universal platform for documentation processing automation and integrated with the Payment Hub payment security system.

One of the issues with implementation this and similar projects is the necessity of integration of the centralized solution and a number of client's existing automated systems. This issue is solved with the help of implementation of ready-made objects that can be used with various communication protocols (HTTP, MQ, JMS, FTP, etc.) to the Doc Hub.

The project fully complies with the Agile principles. Each batch of newly developed functionality was installed on the client's production environment and evaluated by users in working conditions with real data.

Meanwhile, the investigators continued to work within the previous business-process model. This approach allowed to sustain the quality of banking services and evaluate capabilities of a new system. It also allowed to introduce adjustments to the requirements for the system.

The use of Doc Hub platform that offers a vast selection of standard development elements allowed fast implementation of new requirements and prompt render of development results to the users.


Currently the Payment Investigation system is integrated with "Payment Security System", ARM KBR, SWIFT and a number of other client's applications. The investigation process is repeatedly automated; substantial part of the labour intensity is transferred from users to the automated system. As a result, the client's users receive investigation results significantly faster.