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Solution that allows to automate accounting for financial organizations with multiple heterogeneous application systems and complex intermittently changing requirements for accounting from the Regulator.

Functional Purpose

  • Creating an "isolating" layer between the application and accounting systems
  • Localizing accounting policy of the organization in unified competence center
  • Unifying methods and lowering labour intensity of the accounting policy execution
  • Providing user interface for creating and configuring accounting rules
  • Integrating application and accounting systems

Key Features

SmartAE solution ensures flexible and efficient launch of business products that generate business events, which must be registered in the main consolidated accounting registry - the General Ledger.

Component-based architecture of the solution offers wide range of possibilities for integration with application and account systems using adaptors, which provide flexible adjustment options and apply different interaction methods including those using relational database tables, message queues, text files, etc. The solution architecture also offers various options for components deployment, possibility to use different DBMSs and external message exchange systems.

The KIE Workbench tool included into the Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite provides business analyst with advanced web interface for configuring processes and business events processing rules for application system. Namely, processes are described as graphic diagrams using the BPMN 2.0 language, while rules are desrcibed with the help of dynamic forms or decision tables.

Additional components of the solution provide enrichment of business events of the application system with data required during generation of corresponding transactioins in accounting systems. The monitoring component allows to promptly monitor system condition and business events processing.

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