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Payment Investigation

The solution provides automated set of operations including search and payment investigation processes.

Functional Purpose

  • Downloading, sending and automatic processing of incoming messages in the UFEBS CBR formats (ED243, ED244, ED201, ED208) with the automatic registration investigation cases and also arrangement outgoing messages in the ED243 and ED244 formats.
  • Downloading, sending and automatic processing of incoming messages and arrangement of outgoing SWIFT messages in the MTn92, MTn95, MTn96, MTn99 formats.
  • Integration with the client's automated systems which provide communication with bank's clients by means of sending and receiving documents related to investigation process.
  • Automated conduct of investigation (opening, search, review, editing, closing) with the possibility of reviewing payment documents and informational messages related to the investigation.
  • Archiving of cases and reviewing archived cases with the an ability to search cases with specified criteria.
  • Providing the investigators with access to information about the bank's clients and their accounts.
  • Compilation of the analytical and statistical reports on investigation status during the whole period the cases are conducted.
  • Calculation of comission for performing the investigation.

Key Features

Solution design is based on Doc Hub platform and includes all advantages of a platform: graphic description of business processes, documents storage, integration using various communication protocols (HTTP, MQ, JMS, FTP, etc.).

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