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Faster Payment System Adapter

The solution that allows new message exchange participants in the CBR FPS to connect to the system and acquire cetificate for exchange authorization in short period of time.

Functional Purpose

  • Receiving, generating and sending messages encrypted with CIPF "Yantar" in the ISO 20022 format when performing exchange with the National Payment Card System
  • Storing and updating data on bank clients authorized for exchange
  • Storing and updating data on completed faster payments
  • Integrating with automated banking system, remote banking, processing, AML and other banking systems necessary for carrying out faster payments

Key Features

The solution is designed in accordance with the "FPS Standard. Protocol and general functional requirements" specification. Currently the solution supposrts Me2Me and C2С specifications. Other specifications will be supported as the NPCS standard is updated.

The solution allows to abide strict regulations of the messages exchange protocol: 3 seconds for checking if the payment can be credited to the receiving account and 15 seconds for performing the transaction. The solution is distributed as out-of-the-box and deployed on the client's infrastructure. The fault-tolerance of the solution is provided by modular backup of the architecture functional components.

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