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Platform for creating flexible, adaptable solutions realizing business processes that are described based on BPM principles

Implementation technologies:

BPMN 2.0

Functional Purpose

  • Providing graphic interface for the solution's business processes modeling
  • Implementing algorithms for carrying out solution's business processes
  • Providing logic and descripion language of the solution's interface
  • Providing solution libraries for integration with external systems.

Key Features

  • Description of business processes is based on the Business Process Modeling principles with possibility to add new objects that feature unique way of processing via the graphic interface.
  • Allocated storage of big objects / documents, for example, scan copies, images, messages (including the encrypted ones).
  • Compilation and delivery of objects via various protocols: HTTP, MQ, JMS, FTP, etc.
  • Integration with the organization's services up to the level of business process elements.
  • API for integrating business processes with external service providers (Credit brokers, credit bureaus, Federal Bailiff Service, etc.).

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