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24/7 Support for Developed Solutions

Round-the-clock technical support services for developed solutions according to the Service Level Agreement that includes 3 levels of support system from installation and basic configuration to solving individual incidents.

A team of leading experts in financial instruments provides 24/7 technical support and remote maintenance of our software.

We provide both remote support and resolving incidents online, and visits to our client's office for resolving more complex cases.

Our Technical Support Guarantees

  • Fast response of a specialist 24/7.
  • Help with installation, integration and software update.
  • Resolving incidents that occurred during software operation.
  • Training how to work with new software.


Technical Support Is Provided on Three Levels

  • First line (Hot line): collecting and analysing information, assigning tasks based on their complexity, resolving typical issues.
  • Second line: in-depth analysis of the incident and help to solve issues based on previously resolved incidents.
  • Third line: expert analysis of the incident that never occurred before. Individual issue resolution.


Resolving Incidents

Our specialists process incidents according to their priority. Priorities are assigned to incidents based on the following criteria:

  • "High": critical installed applications errors, that can cause software or operating system failure, data loss or security issues.
  • "Medium": errors that affect application functions, but do not lead to data loss or corruption, or operating system or software integrity damage.
  • "Low": no errors. A request forextension or modification of a feature, which does not affect work of the application.


Contacting Technical Support

  • By phone
  • By e-mail

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